Offline Commander

Offline Commander 2.2

Offline Commander allows you to save web pages and browse them offline
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ZX, Inc.

Offline Commander is a very useful tool that allows you to save web pages for further use, e.g. for exploring web pages offline. You can download up to 255 web page levels and use filters to download links. The process to download websites is very easy: first, you have to enter the URL; then, you have to setup the number of levels for retrieving the web pages. Next, you have to insert tasks. Tasks allow you to include filters for retrieving links, images, and embedded objects, e.g. you can download only images from selected URLs - this will avoid downloading links from anywhere. By default, if any web page’s information has been downloaded from other tasks, this information is not downloaded again, but you can force to download a new version. Also Tasks can be imported to your actual project. Finally, you have to go online to download all the site information. After the web page has been downloaded you can view the source code, open the web page, view the web site structure, and a report is automatically generated. Also you can create a browsable copy of your project on disk. Other configurable options you can use are: the User Agent which allows you to specify the client program to access a web server; retrieve WebPages first than other files.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can setup the level of retrieved pages to download
  • You can include filters for retrieving links, images, and embedded objects


  • Trial version can be used only 30 times and has a limit of downloadable pages
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